It is a new decade, and the world is rapidly changing. As farmers and ranchers, we are in one of the oldest occupations in the world, yet why are we still marketing livestock the same old way? We have a new generation of customers, who have grown up in the internet age. They are accustomed to having any product they desire with just a click of a button, delivered within a couple of days. These customers want to know where and how their product was made, or in the case of livestock, how it was raised and treated. When searching for an automobile they can search by location, make, model, color, mileage, etc. Shouldn’t buying livestock be that easy?

Most business have changed the way they market and sell products, but livestock sales haven’t made many new advances. It’s fun to visit the stockyard, hangout with friends, and bid on animals, but for new buyers attending alone, it can be intimidating. Yes, there are online livestock auctions, but for the new buyer these websites can be overwhelming, and they are not always user friendly. Of course, there are lots of classified ads, but it’s always risky doing business with unverified sellers, especially across state lines. There is also the issue of transport, as most new farmers don’t own a trailer; if they do make a purchase, there is still the dilemma of getting their livestock back to the farm.

Our goal with CowMatch is to help bridge the gap between buyers and sellers. We want to create a user-friendly space that will appeal not only to farmers and ranchers, but also to the new homesteader and hobby farmers. We want to help buyers find exactly what they are looking for, while helping sellers market their animals. We want to protect and preserve heritage breeds and market them in a space where they will be appreciated (not just lowballed because they have hair and horns). We want to connect buyers with transportation options, so they can have their new purchases delivered right to their door (or in this case pasture). We hope that CowMatch will be able to make this a reality.